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At home - in private gym - outdoor- online

For everybody (sedentary  -> professional athlete)

For every goals  (weight loss, build muscles, physical preparation, etc.)

Where ?


- IN PRIVATE GYM - (pictures) :

A private gym in Bezannes, ideal for your confort. Disposing of great equipment and possibility to use the electrostimulation (25min workouts with great intensity, contact me for more informations). The gym have private shower and private locker room. 



Training at home in Reims, Epernay in the surrounding area.



Training in parks, public areas and sports complex. 


Who have to take a personal trainer and why ?


- You want to begin a physical activity and you don't know how 

- You don't progress

- Your goal seem inachievable

- You haven't motivation

- You need to be assisted

- You want to prepare a competition, an event, a sport season


Personal trainer is a professional in sport (graduate and professional card holder) who allows you to have training and diet plan adjusted to your goals and  your capacities.

He supports you, advises you and motivates you. Be supervised by a personal trainer allows to avoid injuries and to progress quickly.

Training & Nutrition,



Nowadays, all foods and drinks are modified by humans and become less and less healthy. All TV ads about food are for these modified foods and drinks.

They want to do money, they don't think about your health.

A good training without an adjusted diet is... nothing.
A good diet without a good training is... nothing.

This is why a personal trainer also nutrition coach is essential to progress and to achieve our goals. 


If your health is a priority, why your diet isn't it ?